Blog Resources

Editorial Spreadsheet
This is only for us and not the writers. Lots of brainstorming and prep happen here.

Writer Pay Sheet (can also be typed as
This is our writer interfacing page. It has writers’ PayPal emails and their current City/State, then the pay sheet, updated monthly.

Blog How-Tos (password: Blogs4Brands!)
If you need to get an article scheduled on the blog, here’s what you need to know to get it done.

Editorial Guidelines (password: storytellers)
Overarching information about blog content: Demographics, Audience, Voice, Lingo. Mostly for the client, but can be useful for writers and B4B designers.

This document covers everything our blog team needs to know about how we do content and how we want it to look. It’s mostly for the writers so their articles look relatively consistent, but anyone who puts their hands on the blog needs to know this info front and back.

Writer Training Video (password: blogsforbrands)
This video covers a lot of the information in the Blog How-Tos, but is slightly outdated. Watch it if you need a refresher, but remember it’s old—anything from a newer document (anything else listed here) is the new standard.

WordPress Backend URLs (password: storytellers)
This is all of our blog pages. The ones listed go straight to the WP login.

Currently Live Blogs
List of currently up and running blogs.