Honest Kitchen No-Nos

The Honest Kitchen’s audience is obnoxiously vocal. If there’s something we picture or mention which might make one person angry for whatever reason, avoid it. These are some of the subjects which have sparked a troll to go berserk in the past, so be careful.

These are all about dogs, since the dog owner community they reach very much embraces the “pet parent” demographic, and treats their dogs better than their non-existent children. Clearly no one cares about cats.


Avoid Photos of These:

• Fat dogs
• Other brands of food (even in background)
• Other brands of treats (rawhides, etc.)
• Prong collar on dogs
• Muzzles
• Dogs in dangerous situations (out a car window, in back of a truck, surfing without life jacket)
• Obvious stock images
• Dogs that are dressed up in clothes (unless the blog post is about dog clothing)
• Dogs eating something that might cause an obstruction/danger (string, socks, etc.)
• Dogs fighting
• Dog being laid on by people or kids
• Dogs looking aggressive
• Breed stereotyping (Pit Bulls, Dobermans, etc.)
     • We posted a blog post on FB about dog bites and used a picture of an aggressive looking Doberman and people lost it. We changed it to a close up of a dog’s mouth and teeth so you couldn’t see what kind of dog breed it was.


These are Okay:

• Dogs with something like pupcakes (food cooked for dogs, normally using THK food)
• Dog licking face
• Dogs with disabilities