New Hire Kit

There’s a list of papers we need from you to properly get you set up as an employee at Blogs for Brands. Do these as soon as you can and get them to Thomas Mulcahy.

Employee Handbook
Read over the Employee Handbook. Print off and sign these (try to print as a booklet, since the pages are set up to go 2 per page).

Direct Deposit Form
Fill it all out. (Make sure you look at EVERY BOX AND LINE. You fill it out wrong, you waste everyone’s time.)

Void Check
Grab a check, void it, and turn it in with the Direct Deposit form. If you don’t have checks, contact your bank for an appropriate substitute.

Fill it out best you can.

We only need page 1 for our records.

We only need pages 7 and 8 for our records.

Personality Test
This one’s just for fun. It’s entertaining, and shows everyone a bit about your personality. (It’s surprisingly accurate. WAY more on point than fortune cookies, horoscopes, or Chinese calendars.)